Fundation CNBLUE

The CNBLUE band continues with a great success, but it also is worried about the issues around the world.

CNBLUE is participating in the charity project “BUILD A SCHOOL” with the collaboration of The ONG 기아대책 (Food to the starving people).

The Band has donned part of its profits, and also part of the selling’s of its concerts tickets. Since this March the Band has helped children from Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries of Africa. It has been built a school, which has the name: “CNBLUE School”, in honor to the band.

Nowadays the school attends an average of 1100 children in the levels of kinder garden, elementary and high, they are educated, nurtured among other additional benefits.

According to the FNC declarations, today (4-04-2012) CNBLUE want to return the affection that they have received from their fans through this kind of actions.

The members of CNBLUE are doing good acts and they invite you to join them in the build of schools for the Children of Burkina Faso. The band shared a video through its official channel in YouTube in English, Korean and Taiwanese, where they talk about their project.

Gracias a todos ustedes, México se hizo presente y aportó su granito de arena para ayudar a los chicos en su fundación, en verdad es algo muy satisfactorio saber que México coopero con esos pequeños niños.


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