CNBLUE (씨엔블루) is a Korean pop band integrated by four members; Jung Yong-Hwa (lead vocals, guitar), Lee Jong-Hyun (vocal, guitar), Kang Min-Hyuk (drums), and Lee Jung-Shin (bass guitar). CNBLUE stands for ‘Code Name Burninig Lovely Untouchable Emotional’ with each letter representing each one of the 4 band members – “Burning” represents Lee Jong-Hyun, “Lovely” represents Kang Min-Hyuk, “Untouchable” represents Lee Jung-Shin, and “Emotional”representsJungYong-Hwa.

Before the band debuted in South Korea, they went to Japan in early 2009. Their first mini-album “Now or Never” and their second mini-album “Voice” were released in Japan during the second half of 2009. In Japan, the band made more than 100 street performances in that year. The group released their first mini-album “Bluetory” in South Korea and made their debut on January 14th, 2010. Except for the track “I’m a Loner,” all of the other songs were composed and recorded in Japan. The group made their TV debut on KBS’ “Music Bank” program on January 15th 2010. On January 29th 2010, the group’s song “Alone” ranked first on KBS’ “Music Bank” show. The group’s song “Alone” was brought into a plagiarism scandal because The Korean indie band YNot insisted that CNBLUE’s “Alone” was a copied of their song “Blue Bird.” The groups went to court and the final judgment was delivered a year later on April 13th, 2011 by the Seoul Central District Court. The court sided with CNBLUE and said that their song: “I’m a Loner” was not a copy of “Blue Bird.”

CNBLUE and FT ISLAND gave their first concert in Los Angeles, USA, on March 9th in 2012, having a great success between their American fans.

Thanks to its performance in the United States, the European employers’ got interested in CNBLUE and that was why on September 22th 2012 they made ​​their first concert in London with about  3000 people.

Gradually the group was expanding its popularity which allowed it to have its first appearance in Latin America. The concert was held on Music Bank in Chile on November 2th 2012.

On January 14th 2013 CNBLUE launched its fourth mini-album in Korea 3 years later of its debut, therefore it was named RE: BLUE and just in 13 days the pre-order reached 100,000 copies.

Shortly after, it was announced that the group will be the first Korean group in having a World Tour, which started on April 6th in Taiwan and will cover continents like Australia, Europe, and America and is taking place in any part of the world right now!!!!!

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